Saturday, February 18, 2012

Living on the dark side

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted! I've been feverishly working on 4 pieces using the new kid on the block - CeCe Caldwell Paint. I'll try to get pictures today and tomorrow will tell you about my experience with the new paint.

Meanwhile, I've also been re-taking photos of older projects. 

I live on the dark side; the north side of a mountain. Behind the house is steep forested terrain for 100s of miles. It's life in the shadows, especially in winter, which makes taking good photos with natural light a real challenge. Inside the house there are two spots where I can put furniture to take pictures, but that means moving what is already there. That is why so many of my etsy photos are taken on the front lawn - that's where the sun is!

I have a really pretty table that I've been unable to adequately capture digitally. It's tall and leggy but soooo does not photograph like a super model. I've been retaking pictures of this gal for months. Finally, I got some sun!

Here's a history of trying to capture the beauty of this table. When I first started on etsy I thought putting furniture up against a wall was enough. HA!

Another then and now:

The straight-on approach:

And finally:

Still not as good as I want, but it's come a long way baby!

Tomorrow - CeCe Caldwell Paint!

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  1. Oooh! Love the little clay rabbits...wonder what they would look like with a coat of your new paint? Maybe thinned down a bit and applied with a soft cloth, or even a second color highlighting bits of their ears, noses, paws? Might be fun for springtime and Easter frolicing!
    Terrie from Atlanta, Georgia