Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Massive, Scary, Wildfire
There is a wildfire burning out of control not that far south of us and it's sending smoke up our valley. Yesterday we couldn't see the valley floor, it was like fog. Today there was a fine layer of ash on everything outside. The sun is a glowing red orb. Yesterday when morning light slanted through the windows there was an orange cast to it that was quite pretty. My phone was the only camera close enough at hand to capture a shot before the sun moved on. Even so, I was almost too late, a few seconds makes a huge difference.
All I got was blurry shots due to the rush I was in.

Today I was better prepared, having set up my camera and tripod ahead of time. The sun moves across the wall in about 3 minutes so
I waited and watched.

This was the first rays coming between the trees.

My red metal Delco sign got REALLY red.

My silver Priceless Artifact from Paris doesn't look so silver anymore.

This is the wall washed in red. The sun was almost past at this point.

I barely got this shot of a couple of my antique shaving mirrors before the sun was past.

The cause of my red walls and all the smoke and ash:
The Oregon Gulch Fire. It's eating 10,000 acres a day.
THANK YOU firemen!!

How 'bout a different fire?

The fire of controversy.

Has anyone heard of Lisa B. Adams? I hadn't. One day I decided to google cancer blogs to see if there was one I would like to link up with. The first blog I hit upon was written by a young man hospitalized for cancer treatment. The post I read upset me greatly. The subject was the editorial written by Bill Keller in the New York Times which singled out Lisa B. Adams' blog and suggested people shouldn't post about cancer, treatment or impending death. His wife, Emma, also wrote an article that has since been taken offline for a number of reasons. 

You can get the gyst of the whole matter here and form your own opinion. The post I read originally had paraphrased and slightly took some of the article out of context so it's important to do your own research.

But, it remains that Mr. Keller questioned patients writing about their cancer journey online. Not write about cancer and treatment and impending death? Huh. How 'bout just not reading it if you don't want to and shut-the-heck-up? sheesh

So, in the spirit of all that, here's my random cancer blurb.

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  1. Hurray for Dr. H and his patients!!! You especially for that NEVER give-up attitude!

    Sue @ Serendipity

  2. wonderful, hooray, super, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Many hugs and keep an eye on that fire. If they say get out, GET THE HELL OUT!

  4. Amazingly beautiful pictures. How uncaring of those trial Dr.s. Sometimes you can't feel compassion till you experience something yourself. Evident also from the idiot who criticized those who want to write about their cancer/life/death/whatever experiences. Apparently he forgot there is a right to free speech, you would think he would know that..geesh! Just keep on being fabulous..praying for whole healing and health;)

    1. What amazes me is the fact that no one forced him to read the cancer blog. If you don't like it, don't read it. simple. problem solved.

  5. On those photos...isn't it surprising how beauty can be found in the scariest of scenarios and "life events"??? On your "and now a word about cancer"...thank God for formidable doctors and thank God for women who never give up!!

    1. My doctor shakes his head at me. I'm always in a hurry to get back home and paint.

  6. You have an AWESOME oncologist. I wish everyone could. You go girl! And you are so right Just Don't Read It but don't criticize others for writing about it. People are weird.

    1. Dr. H is amazing. Talk about never give up! He's kept me going all these years thinking up new treatments for me.

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