Friday, March 7, 2014

Old stuff, huh? What about old ladders?

 Who doesn't subscribe to HOUZZ? If you don't you should consider doing so. Especially if you own your home. They curate the best ideas on a number of subjects and I always learn something or am inspired or amazed. I jab Mr. Bad and say 'Are you awake?' and show him something he can't possibly see because he doesn't have glasses on. I always look at HOUZZ before I get up; it's a ritual. (Jabbing Mr. Bad Rabbit is a satisfying part of that ritual.)

But I never ever expected "Old Stuff Day." Did I just miss something? Too bad it's not a paid holiday. How else can you root through boxes of junk stuff if you don't have the day off?

March 2nd, people, write it down.  Had I known I would have rushed out and bought something old. I would have been glad to celebrate, celebrate, dance to the ......... Oh. That was the day of the big flea market in Medford. I DID buy some old stuff.

For reasons unknown I was barraged with Old Ladder links during the week of Old Stuff Day. While these distressed ladders are indeed 'old stuff', I think they deserve some singular attention.

So, while I'd rather celebrate 'Crusty Old Ladder Week', I propose we have a "Repurposed Ladder Day."
That's what I think we need. Old doors and windows have had all the glory for far too long.

• • • • • • • •

Here are some of the links I perused the last few days. I'm very inspired! Don't tell Mr. Bad Rabbit but I'm now eye-balling an old ladder down in the barn. It's attached, going up to a loft that I don't think anyone has set foot on in 20 years. If anyone is suddenly compelled to go up there, they can use an aluminum ladder. Right?

It resembles the one below. It was getting dark when I took the pictures so they are grainy but check them out at the end of the post. That ladder is MINE, baby.

The ladder I'm going to remove from the barn:


  1. Love the ladders and I too wish I had more old stuff to go through...sigh.

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  2. At school, I have an old step ladder like the middle one in the set of three smaller red ladders. I rescued it along with a lot of antique oak furniture from the old school we were at for one year while they were rebuilding my school. LOL, when we moved out of my school, they told us to mark all the old oak stuff we wanted to keep. When we were ready to move back, someone else said, take all the oak stuff home, they won't move it. So I now have 4 oak adult chairs, one small oak chair and a smaller oak table at home. I brought the ladder back to school where I use it.