Thursday, March 20, 2014

Little green tables

I have this:

Because I fell in love with this:

When we were at Ikea a couple weeks ago I saw this nightstand and it took my breath away. Was there anything that cute EVER? Sadly, I couldn't think of anywhere in the house I could put it.

A few days ago I stopped in at one of my favorite little antique stores and saw this little guy and again my breath caught. Was there anything that cute EVER?

All that 1920's patina and huge cracks? The chunks that are starting to fall off? Could it be more endearing? So I brought it home.

I made a spot for it - it's tiny so it wasn't a huge effort.

Then we had a barn sale. (Mr. Bad has a story about that.
You should ask him.)

We had fun and chatted to a lot of nice people and I was talking with a young man who noticed a typewriter stand back in my not-for-sale stuff. He asked me what it was. I told him it was a typewriter stand and he looked completely blank. I said typewriters probably aren't made anymore and he continued to look completely blank.

Which reminded me of an ebay listing I saw in which a typewriter stand was being sold as an industrial table. At the time I thought, 'Oh, please. Who's going to fall for that?' But now I get it.

And that got me to thinking about that Ikea nightstand again. So now I have this:

And that's where the story ends ... for the moment......... I'm thinking I need the top part of a school locker, right? If I could fit one into the typewriter cart I'd be a happy camper. I so doubt that will happen.

Maybe I'll just buy this:

What am I thinking? I'm not buying anything there is no room for. (snicker)
I'll just use my typewrite stand sans locker since I'll never find one much less weld it in.


I had an idea! How 'bout a spankin' new gym locker basket?

And my typewriter stand?

If I ever get to it, I think I'll like my version better.

Something to do in my copious spare time.


  1. I love your little green tables WAY better than the ikea one! A couple of years ago my granddaughter was learning about printing and ways to set type. She told me that in the olden days they had a machine that had pieces of metal that went up and hit the paper when you pushed a key. I said, "You mean a typewriter?" She was excited that I knew what she was talking about so I told her when I was in school I typed my reports with one. Astonished, she said, "Wow, you are old!"

    I hope all goes well in Portland and I heard they have great flea-markets and antique stores. So stay occupied, have fun and stay positive!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  2. Wow I wish I was that creative! Wonderful job!