Thursday, July 4, 2013

Making the best of it

I live in a small town (sing it! Mellencamp style!). Small towns don't offer a whole lot of shopping variety. We don't have a Hobby Lobby. Our Michael's is more like a Mini Michael's. And forget shoes. But that's another post altogether. What we have is the internet and that's how we do our shopping.

I was on a mission to find cute knobs. I needed some pizzazz for my furniture and that ruled out the mainstream knobs at the Big Box stores. I ended up ordering from 2 different places and in no time at all two boxes of knobs were mine, all mine.

There were black ones.

White ones.

Blue ones.

Green ones.

There's a theme going on here, right? Vintage styles, vintage colors. Vintage.

So imagine my confusion when I pulled this out of the box.
How in the world, I wondered, did I get car parts?

I dug around in the box.
Lots of car parts.

I checked the invoice. Racked my memory. Ahhhh, I remember now. Obviously I didn't pay attention to the measurements when I ordered. I was NOT expecting left and right matching door handles.

Okay, check the return information and, say wha'?. If I send them 3 more bucks they'll accept my return?
I had come face to face with the (insert booming voice) Dread Restocking Fee. In this case it was $15. I had $12 worth of car parts to return. Hmmmm. Plus I'd have to pay shipping.  As if.

But, no worries.
Mr. Bad Rabbit isn't done fixing up the Jeep. They won't go to waste.

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  1. Those blue ones are making my heart go pitter patter!!! And the car parts? hmmmm... I know, I have kept stuff just because mailing it back was so not worth it!

  2. also loving the blue ones, and thinking what the hay? car parts? crazy!


  3. I just love what you did to the dresser! The contrast and texture is just beautiful!

  4. thanks for all your tips on painting. you are generous to share!