Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My funky little red cabinet

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paints come in wonderful colors and they have the most fun names! This little pie-safe-thingy was painted in Tricycle. Isn't that the best name for a red? The black is called Typewriter. The light gray is Grainsack. One of my responsibilities back when I worked at the Big Corporation was to help name roses. In a committee. I shudder at the memory. I would so rather be a party of one naming paint.

The Tricycle pie cabinet:
I whitewashed some laminate flooring that I stumbled upon at a yard sale. I'm thinking about painting my other flooring dark brown for a barn wood look. I seriously don't care for the golden oak color it is now. That particular stain will always remind me of the 80s.

 I left the back of the doors and inside the cabinet as I found them. I experimented with white paper before I committed to paint and it looked goofy. Not to mention the moire effect that would drive anyone wild.

 I used wet scrub pads to do the light distressing. So easy!

 Old mirrors make reflections into works of art. I might do a photo collection - I sure have enough mirrors for it. As well as a lot of collectibles.

Empty. And look! I bought a fake antique horse! (I posted about my search for a real antique horse here.) I'm an obsessive geek and HAD to have one. Now. And even though I bought it off Ruby Lane I knew it was fake. I mean seriously. The horse is super shiny and after 100 years it still has all the wheels? Back to the pie-safe; it looks soooo much better not white inside.

Still Life with Firkin. I didn't know what a firkin was. Never heard the term before. I got the rundown from the seller at a sale and I'll never call them little wood buckets again. :-)


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