Friday, June 14, 2013

MMS Milk Paint

Yay! Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint is in Southern Oregon!

I've used Milk Paint for a few years so I'm used to the cracking but now I'm learning how to use the Bonding Agent and the FABULOUS waxes. I love the wax. There is no odor. I can wax in the house without feeling guilty.

For this little wash stand I used Kitchen Scale mixed with Shutter Gray, and Linen. And, of course, both clear and dark waxes.

Inspector 19 giving the cabinet the once-over.

Love the light.

Normally I let Milk Paint do what it's going to do but this time I used Bonding Agent. I used Vaseline as a resist but I wasn't sure what would happen with the combo of the two.

It was a surprise.

I might tweek the distressing some more. I dunno, I guess I'll sleep on it and see how I feel tomorrow. And I might change the knob. It's so much easier to critique a piece when I have a photo. So I'll stare at this for a while and then take a break until morning.

What will I do? It'll be a surprise.


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