Friday, October 19, 2012

My, what a busy little bee I've been

I haven't posted in forever! It's been crazy around here again! With going back to work at my corporate job and opening up a new booth, (Yep, a new booth) I've been nose-to-the-grindstone for weeks. 

The new booth is in a "mantique" antique mall. It's all cool industrial loft stuff, which I dearly love! Now I can rotate my industrial and steampunk treasures from my home to my booth. Yay. I always get to bring home new stuff. I can tell Mr. Bad it's for resale. Really! Eventually......


I have 4 custom pieces I'm working on. This adorable little smoking table was first. I adore this little guy! Notice there are no square edges? Such a sweet design. For cigars. Oh well.

I forgot I had before shots on my phone. :-)

I'm really liking warm red with black glaze right now. It's a nice change in between the softer historic colors I usually use.
Almost like a commercial break, huh? 

I'll be posting the other custom pieces soon, as well as an ASCP graphite empire highboy dresser that I'm not going to enjoy parting with.

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  1. I'm not sure I would have had a civil answer for that woman. Never had it, but I think chemo SHOULD be a social club, where friends help friends when they need it most. Let's not dwell on the ignorant ... I'd rather tell you that you chose a spot-on color of red for your little table. Yummy, indeed!

  2. Hi, Daena

    I am loving the red and your table. Love table like those, this turned out great!


  3. I guess that red matched your fury at that ignorant woman. The social part of chemo is what got a friend of mine through it. I feel sorry for her mother.

    Love that glass knob against the red.

    Distressed Donna Down Home

    1. Actually, I felt no fury. Still don't, I'm not the fury type. I was so blown away I didn't feel anything but "whaaaaaa?" I just don't understand her attitude.

  4. Daena Im so totally diggin the RED!!! Shes a keeper!I have a thing for RED stop by sometime:)

  5. Hi Daena, it's a weird world when someone could be offended by anyone socializing regardless of the circumstance.....
    Love the red table! Awesome,
    Peggy @ The Painted Pear

  6. The red just seems so natural on this piece after seeing it. I always wonder what the before looked like when the after is this charming! You really should consider turning off your word's so hard to talk to you!

    1. Okay, I turned it off, but at the first comment I get from a robot or alien I'm turning it back on! :-)

  7. hi,
    I'm visiting from Common Ground.
    I love your little table in red: so bold and full of character.

  8. HOT DANG! That little red table is SMOKIN! And now that I see what I've written, I remember it was/is a smoking table. So the pun was unintentional, but FUN! You are a master at the rehab of furniture for sure. I clicked to follow so I can see your projects and more importantly cheer on your fight. xoxo jules

  9. Love the red! it's gorgeous!
    Isn't it odd how we never think of what we want to say until later. I guess we all handle things in our own way, but I feel sorry for that woman.


  10. At least now someone can have their cigars in style! ;) Love the final look! The red is perfect for this piece, looks great with the crystal knob too!

  11. what brand/color of red is it....beautiful!

    1. It is a Benjamin Moore match to Annie Sloane's Primer Red.

  12. Hi. Is your adorable little red table available?