Friday, June 29, 2012

Two tables, two techniques

A client asked me to paint two tier tables and she wanted them to be different techniques. I've been wanting to do a side-by-side comparison of chalk paint and wax to regular paint
and glaze. So here we go.

Cute little before picture.
The drop cloth adds that special touch, doesn't it?

I painted this one with a mixture of Annie Sloan colors to get the 1940s mint I'm in love with right now. Then I applied (and applied and applied, then buffed and buffed and buffed) clear and dark waxes.
My biceps hate me.

(I had the tables in the car all safely wrapped up to deliver when I realized I forgot to take 'after' pictures. A mad scramble followed even though it was High Noon and I knew photos weren't going to turn out well anyway.)

I love the sweet little detail on this table. It was perfect for the chalk paint. Everything was soft and pretty.

I'm loving the 40s green with Old White.

Next up was a slightly taller table with a more tailored look to it. This one got Ben Moore Aura in a warm red and a dark brown glaze that
I mixed myself.

Again with the drop cloth that adds soooo much to the shot. (Side note: I was shaking my super big Krink paint pen this morning and the top flew off. The drop cloth looks even more glamorous with a big rorschach test splatter of black ink added to it ...)

I sanded and stained the trim then painted the rest of the table red. I did 3 coats and wet sanded with 500 sandpaper in between
for a glassy surface.

When the table was dry and had cured a couple days I mixed my glaze and had at it. My biceps and triceps like glaze wayyyyy better than wax. I was able to get a nice aged look without distressing. In fact neither table was distressed, they were aged with color.

Oooooo, shiny!

I love both looks. Each has its merits. I'll just let the furniture dictate which paint I use.

The next side by side test will be on aged, worn furniture.

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  1. They're both beautiful - love them -
    I let the furniture tell me what it wants also -
    but sometimes it changes it's mind ( hate that, fickle &^*%&$ furniture )

  2. I like them both but the red WOW.....nice restyle!

  3. I love them both. Great techniques.


  4. love them both, excellent job(s). thanks for taking the time to photo shoot and describe your methods. 2 thumbs up on both !

  5. What a great comparison of techniques! I couldn't really pick a favourite from these. ~ Maureen

  6. Both of these tables turned out beautifully. I have done a few projects with ASCP but my aging was blotchy and uneven. Your aging looks so soft even. Do you have a secret?