Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Must drink water, must drink water ....

Pretty boring as far as mantras go, right? But after yesterday's infusion I learned without a doubt that two days of coffee and diet soda is a bad, bad idea. Oh sure, my brain was saying 'put down the coke.'  Me, listen? Not so much. 
We haven't chatted about cancer lately have we? I tend to put it in the back of my mind and carry on painting furniture. Lately, tho, it's been demanding my attention. Stupid cancer. I'm busy! Leave me alone!
The new chemo regiment is knarley,  especially after a six month break. This isn't the clinical trial I've been waiting for, this is a new mix of old drugs. They mixed a breast cancer drug with 2 myeloma drugs and the result kicks my butt. Fatigue and nausea are my new best friends. The fatigue is why I was chugging caffeine. Not that it works for me, but I really wanted to get some work done of the garage-saleing kind.

Because of the dehydration yesterday, the nurse couldn't get the IV to work. She called the next nurse.
Meanwhile I was happily looking at Craigslist.
Notice the cute green bracelet? I get to wear those almost all the time, so if something happens, I get to go to the first of the line in the emergency room.

The second nurse called the third nurse. The third nurse did no better so they called another nurse who has always got the IV in first time. (I have valvey, wiggly, rolley veins at the best of times and only a couple nurses can get the IV in on the first try.)

I think she was kinda shattered when she hit a valve and sent me straight to the ceiling from the pain. But she got it on the second try - a nice little vein that wasn't too sludgy.  By now you couldn't see much arm through the bandages.

The nurse took a picture for me but she was a little shaky.

Ahhh, almost done. Just waiting for the bag to finish dripping. And this my friends is how I looked when I went to fluff my booth right after, Luckily I'm not self-conscious about it - I actually forgot I was covered in bandages.

I got home dead, stupid tired. And then!! My master gardener, gourmet cook neighbor called and said she was bringing over fresh Garlic Roasted Artichokes. Oh HEAVEN! 
They take such good care of me. Actually the whole neighborhood does. We're a cluster of five little farms up a steep gravel mountain road and we all have each others back. With Mr. Bad Rabbit on the road every week it's nice to know I'm not alone up here.
Here is the recipe my neighbor used - you'll have to click through to Pinch of Salt. The artichokes are delicious! I wanted to eat all 4. 
Try them with canned Chipotle Peppers or Chipotle Sauce mixed into mayo. Oh yum. That dip was what put me over the edge.

 The following is from www.createamazingmeals.com
Garlic Roasted Artichokes

This technique is inspired by Pinch My Salt.  Her instructions are impeccable and accompanied by step-by-step photographs.  I followed her technique exactly.  The only difference is that I used Pasolivo's Citrus Blend Olive Oil - and she's right, the roasted garlic is great to eat, too!  We eat artichokes a lot, so it was fun to try a different technique.

Wrap in foil and place in the oven with the Artichokes for 1 hour.
Serve with your choice of toppings.

So it was a good day! I fluffed my booth, got to spend hours chatting with my favorite nurses and came home to Garlic Artichokes! 

Not bad for a Monday!

Oh, did I mention I get to lose all my hair again? I might dye it green again before its all gone.


  1. You're an inspiration Mrs Bad Rabbit!!! Furniture painting/refurbishing is tiring at the best of times. You make me feel guilty for the times I moan and groan about my aches and pains, which are nothing more than a bit of wear and tear.

    Keep up the good work:-)

  2. Carol Carrasco aka Carol's Paint CreationsJune 26, 2012 at 5:31 PM

    I just found your blog this week. I too paint as an escape, though not from cancer, I suffer from a chronic pain condition. You are such an inspiration. I also get frustrated when I just want to paint and I have to spend the day in bed. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and hoping you find the energy to paint and enjoy your life...and kick this stupid cancer to the curb.

  3. Hello...I'm not experiencing what you are, but am through our son, who's battling ALL. He got his hair cut super short in anticipation of the radiation side-effects in July (Doernbecher). I feel like I know you, just because it's so similar to Michael's life! I hope it goes a bit better for you soon. We live in Ashland and if you ever need help or anything, please contact me or my FB (I subscribe to Bad Rabbit). All our best. The Bruhn Family

  4. Many hugs, sweetie. I'm thinking about you.

  5. Green hair! What an inspiration you are!

  6. I just ran across your blog and so appreciate you sharing. I have lupus and can relate to the no energy when you want to have the energy to do whatever. So hate those days!!! I also paint & refinish furniture. It's such a wonder, rewarding distraction. I find you inspiring so I'm going to follow you on Facebook. You remind me of my sister-in-law who unfortunately lost her battle with cancer. But she lived wonderfully until the end. Keep fighting my dear. Love & hugs, Rene