Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The artist ran away with me

I know I'm not alone in loving chippy paint. (Mr. Bad aside, who rolls his eyes at chippy goodness.) I was ecstatic when I found this treasure at a very strange sale. (I'm preparing a post on this odd sale so more on that later.) The woman running the sale was in the eye-rolling camp. She told me just to take it so she wouldn't have to deal with it.


It even has the foxing on the mirror that I so dearly love. (More eye-rolling from Mr. Bad.)
My little cabinet inspired my latest little green table. It is a little lot on the rustic side. 

I kinda let the artist loose on this table. There is thick paint and there is thin paint. About 5 colors are washed over each other. I used my cabinet scraper with restraint but still more than my norm.

The little table is going on etsy. The chippy cabinet is going somewhere safe. The doors will go to a permanent "photo area" TBD. Since they are too heavy for me to move safely.
Thank you Amy at Salvage Collection for the tip on using doors! Wonderful. Awesome. Doors!


Random thoughts on chippy.

While I was reveling in chippiness, I remembered seeing a couple bloggers recently show their "signature finish" and it got me to thinking:
When I first started painting furniture I was channeling the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Distressed checkerboards were and still are one of my signature styles. (Yeah, yeah, I know. Me and a couple zillion others.)

The natural crackle I get from mixing natural paints is one of my signature finishes.

Sometimes it peels back to chippy goodness but sometimes not. It's natural and spontaneous and I can't control it. Boy, if I could ....

THIS would be my favorite finish if I could control it AND if it sold. (The table that belongs to this chippy leg is on etsy) It might be too out-there for most people. But I love my green cabinet and I'll keep trying and trying and trying to perfect chippy goodness.

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  1. Hi Daena -- I love your work!

    Thanks so much for stopping by. You and Patti need to meet up out here next spring and go to Lucketts. I know you'd both love it! I'm following you now.

  2. Oh, I LOVE your free treasure - awesome chippy paint!!

  3. i love chippy paint! to me it is so charming! as long as it is not chipping of course still.... i don't like sweeping up paint flakes. :)

  4. Darling chippy treasure~ I love chipping painted pieces too!! Thanks so much for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!