Monday, November 7, 2011

Illustrating with Chalk Paint

I call this my Chick Chair. I wanted to try the bright looking ASCP Antibes Green because I'd run across a cute grain sack that appeared to be the same shade of green. I had hesitated on purchasing the Antibes Green because it looked too bold, but I was assured it toned down with wax. Okay.


Yes indeed, the green became rich and mellow with some sanding and the application of wax.

 And then I thought, hmmmm .... needs whimsy to go with the grain sack. So I added my "flock."

And that's when I realized ASCP was never intended for illustration. I had to learn to work with it, which really wasn't that difficult, just different from what I expected. You can't blend color on the image or easily add color to wet paint. The technique is more like painting with acrylics using a pallet knife.
Dab Dab Layer Layer.

So let me introduce you to the babies. (I love little chicks)

I might just keep this one.

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More before and after

I love looking at before and after images. I cruise the web looking for them because I find them so inspiring. Every now and then I see a Better Before and wonder what were they thinking? When I was compiling images for this post I ran across my OWN Better Before, which I'm not going to show you. :-) I'm going to repaint it and maybe we will have a Before-After-Way After post. Meanwhile here are some befores and afters that don't embarrass me.

Telephone bench done with Red Pepper Milk Paint and chalkboard paint.

I didn't realize this little bench had once been upholstered when I found it.
The fabric is a vintage Calla Lilly tea towel.


Before-after piano bench - commission piece

My art deco bench painted with graphite Chalk Paint, with French Script fabric.

Another Union Jack! This one was upholstered with a wall hanging from Urban Outfitters 
and painted with Milk Paint.

Next, I'll show you my AFTER chair. Sooooo frustrated I forgot to take before pictures.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Morning has broken

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the colors and the crisp air. This is the view from my livingroom window, it's my fall decor captured at dawn. Mother Nature does a fabulous job, doesn't she? I could look at this forever.

 Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Whoo Hoo! Another month!

Yesterday I had my monthly appointment with my hematologist, and he said I didn't have to have chemo for another month. That makes 6 months without chemo. It's the furniture, I just know it. It's the passion that keeps me going.

So much so that while the doctor wanted to discuss future treatment, I wanted to talk FURNITURE. My Honey got us back on track to treatment. Sheesh. I had the doctor laughing at my misadventures.

So, in short, the next step for me is a clinical trial in Portland. And I immediately thought JUNKING! Hippo Hardware!
And junking!

One of my above mentioned misadventures was having a solid core door fall on me, but luckily (sadly) my empire desk got in the way. Look at the damage! Yikes. Coulda been my head.
But my poor desk!

Today I am doing reconstructive surgery. I'm using some gooey Wood Filler form Elmer's and it seems to be working well. Which is great because I bought it accidentally, thinking it was something else. (Love it when a plan comes together.)