Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Who doesn't love Bullwinkle?

Ahhhhh, the simple pleasures.
We have drafty doors. The house is 25 years old and here and there it is showing its age. I've been wanting a Union Jack draft-blocker for ages and didn't want to spend the money (they are a little spendy, if you can even find one) and also, I didn't want to drag my sewing machine into town to get fixed.

Then, out of nowhere came an idea. Make my own using plush animals. NO, wait! Make my own using Rocky and Bullwinkle characters! Brilliant!

It took a few weeks but I finally collected enough plush characters to cover the door jam. I found them on ebay for about $5 each, plus shipping. Not cheap but this is ART, baby, not just a draft-blocker. (snort)

At a thrift shop, much to my surprise, I found a simple draft-blocker to use as my base. It's cuteness made me think I'll try a chicken draft-blocker soon.

I wanted this project to be super easy so I used velcro dots to attach my little characters. They each got a dot on the bum. Snidely was a little scared. He turned green.

I moved them around a few times before I stuck them to the draft-blocker. I didn't want the obvious pairs together. Finally, there it was, my kooky, one of a kind (art, baby) draft-blocker.

It isn't really done yet. Turns out the little velcro dots aren't substantial enough to hold the plush dolls. The heavier ones fall off when I pick it up so I'll look for heavier velcro next time I'm in town.


So, what will be next? Hedgehogs? Chickens? Platypus? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? That would be soooo cute! I'm thinking hedgehogs, though. Or Platypus.

Or maybe just a rolled up bath towel, and I'll get back to painting.

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  1. cute!! and next of course...flamingos!!! how perfect would that be? You said pink was the new olive, right?!? :)

    seeing those characters just made me smile.

  2. Too cute, how did you go from union jack to bullwinkle? That's Ok, I think the bullwinkle and rocky are much cuter. Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best.