Monday, December 5, 2011

Well, RATS!

Hmmmm, a hitch in my treatment, so I'm going to bore you with what I'll be doing when I'm not painting. Sharing the joy, people, just sharing the joy

As it turned out, the clinical trial I was to join closed suddenly and I'm not doing junking and treatment in Portland after all. It came as a surprise to my doctors. So, now we wait and wonder some more. Sheesh. We've had at least three new drugs disappear off the radar just when it was getting to be my turn. Much as I adore my doctor here in Medford, a new face and new junk in Portland would be nice.

Meanwhile, we're going Old School! Drugs, apparently, go out of fashion sorta like shoes. The hot new ticket comes along and the old perfectly good model is forgotten. Because they've exhausted all the Hot New Drugs, the only choice now is to go back and re-look at some of the old meds that worked perfectly well....back in the day....

And I might lose my hair again - just in time for winter.

So, here's a brief glimpse into what I do when I'm not painting. It's not so bad, really. Lattes are delivered to your chair. What can beat that? The downside is how many hours it takes, every Friday. But again - JUNKING! I hit the thrift stores on the way there or on the way home. Whoo Hoo! When you live as far out of town as I do, any excuse to get to a thrift store is GOOD.

Here's the first step. Suck blood. Usually 4 vials or so.

Then, three or more hours of joy. My Honey bought me a Nook and I use the heck out of it.

The room is shaped like the Bridge of the Starship Enterprise.

YIKES! Paint and stain on my fingers. Oh well, what can I say? I'm BUSY.

I'm one of the lucky ones - only a few hours a week. Some folks have to do 8 hours, several days a week.
But really, who wouldn't rather be painting?


  1. I'm new to your blog today, but you seem to have such a fresh & positive attitude to your treatments, and even the set backs. I wish you all the best!

  2. Your attititude is indeed going to get you through this. Best of luck to you, and hoping you have a joy filled holiday season.

  3. I just discovered your blog. Your art is delightful! I recognize the infusion room in the photos. Hubby and I spent lots of time there over the past couple years. (We are in So OR also.) I am inspired by your passion for life and your determination to pursue your art. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  4. Karen hang in there! Just think of all the creative ideas that are going to be flowing in your mind as you sit there to receive your treatment. Be sure to have someone write them down for you! So sorry you have to go through this again. Lots of thoughts and prayers for you. Will miss seeing your amazing creations, but only for a little while! -K