Saturday, August 6, 2011

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl, Baby Girl

That's how I feel sticking my big toe into the blogging waters. There are so many fabulous designer/bloggers already sharing and here I am, a newbie getting started. Just now, for instance I accidentally deleted an entire post with pictures. Good one!

So, starting over... I am posting some before and after pics as a way to introduce myself. I get wildly excited when a piece of furniture gets home and I grab my sander. I grab the stripper. I grab the primer. I almost NEVER remember to grab my camera. So, the before pictures are rather scarce but I'm learning, my dears, I am learning.

Here is the before and after of a trunk I did for my livingroom. FUN!

Later today I'll add more pics, but for now, it's time to hit the Saturday morning yard sales. Gotta look for more treasures!


  1. yay, congrats on getting the blog up and running! AND getting a photo up too, teach me :)