Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's a wonder anything got done.

I'm showing these pictures with my teeth clenched and eyes clamped shut. It's my work room before and after. Although there have been minor changes to the 'after' as I add new goodies. (I came across a brass swing-arm industrial lamp that is now my sewing light.)

My work room is also the guest room. There used to be a queen size bed in there but I got inspired and decided to make changes. Exit real bed, enter airbed.

So, in the beginning, this is how I worked. It's a look into my addled mind.

You can't see it but all 4 walls had the most hideous beige fussy wallpaper. I spent a few weeks living with blobs of color until i decided on one taupe wall and 3 white. yay. Decision made.

This picture is blurry and awful but you get the idea.

When I grew tired of tripping over stuff and never finding anything, I got organized.

Ahhhhh, the joy of a relaxed mind. And I pretty much know where everything is. An antique stroller (that I refurbished) now holds my fabric. Tools are in tool boxes. The side of an old iron crib is my bulletin board. A really old window will frame whatever pictures I put up. There is string and miniature cloths pins to hang them from. Someday I'll finish painting chairs on the wall. And yes, I work on a child's card table and chair. :-)

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