Sunday, August 21, 2011

My junking partners

It's important to have a good junking partner. One who isn't competing with you for the same stuff. Someone with either an eagle-eye for yard sale signs or mad driving skills allowing for a bat-turn when at the wheel.

I have a terrific junking partner but this is the only photo I have of her. She looks for marked pottery; I look for .... junk. Or, Rusty Goodness, as I prefer to say. Never will you find us rolling on the ground fighting over the same Find.

My other junking partner has no interest in competing for the good stuff. He's in it for cookies. And a chance to pee in new places. Too bad he can't share the driving - he's almost blind, I'm pretty sure all he sees are big fuzzy blobs.

So, every weekend we're out there, on the hunt. You never know what you'll run across so better get there early, before the good stuff is gone. Later I'll post photos of some of the more interesting items I've stumbled across.


  1. Aw, puppy hugs and yeah for junking partners!

  2. adding another comment in the hopes that my profile picture is now fixed