Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bad Rabbit is back, with the burning question, Should it Stay or Should it Go?

Few things slow you down like a broken femur.

It's been a looong four months. I'm not totally healed yet but I don't have to use a walker any,ore.


Now that I have a cane I can go to garage sales again. And going to garage sales means buying furniture, right? And what happens when you have too much furniture?
Something has to go. At my house any new thing starts a chain reaction: this will go here, that mean's that has to go over there, and now that has to go ..... out the door.

I can't decide because I want everything and an addition to the house to put it in. So I need help.
Let's have a vote:

Should it stay or should it go?

A low table from France.

Apothecary cabinet

 Small primitive cabinet

Deceon"s bench

Vote now!


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  1. Welcome back! Glad to hear your femur is healing and you've graduated to a cane - take very good care of yourself. LOVE all the pieces you've shared with us and I definitely know the feeling of something's gotta give whenever new things come home!

  2. I don't know how you could part with any of them. Good luck deciding!

  3. So excited to have you back....garage sale-ing, painting, and most of all on my computer so I can look busy here at work. Unless any of those pieces are headed to me in Ohio then you should keep them all.

  4. Yay! You're back! At the very least you need to keep the Apothecary cabinet. It's just too awesome on so many levels to give up.

  5. I love each piece!!! You do beautiful work! Please come and share! I would love it if you would join in on my Making Broken Beautiful party! It starts 6:00pm (MST) this Thursday September 10 and I would love to have you join up each week!
    Smiles for a great week!