Sunday, December 14, 2014

The gray dresser part deux

Every now and then I paint something I want to keep. This dresser is one of those things, but onto Craigslist it went. sigh

I already posted the 'before and after' so this post is about the details.

I sanded the edges of the applique slightly and used glaze for most of the aging. I wanted a less-is-more approach to the distressing this time.

I used 4 different colors of paint for this 'simple' technique.

I left the brush strokes and scratches alone since they add to the aged look.

Again, very light distressing and almost no glaze, which is so much more realistic looking on this dresser.

Here's what I used. (My containers look well used, don't they?) I started with Sack Cloth and sorta slapped it on. Then I slapped on Plymouth Rock and kinda rubbed it into the Sack Cloth. Then, I dry brushed Navaho White over the entire dresser and when that was dry I washed a couple layers of Plymouth Rock over the dresser, using a rag to soften the white dry brushing.

After letting the dresser dry for a day or so, I put on a gel topcoat. This General Finishes gel topcoat goes on beautifully but has a strong odor and needs ventilation. Because of that, I'll keep shopping for a gel topcoat that's a little more user friendly.


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  1. The patina you created is gorgeous! I love the softness of the different colors of grey intermingled for the perfect patina! I pinned it to my patina board.

  2. You do great work, I love your stuff.

  3. What a stunning makeover! Thanks so much for sharing it at the Vintage Inspiration Party! I'm giving you a shout-out on the Knick of Time Facebook page here -

  4. Your work is so wonderful! This is one of the most beautiful pieces I have seen anywhere!