Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mr. Bad's nightstand

Mr. Bad gave up another piece of furniture for the cause.

I had actually planned on painting this nightstand a couple years ago and had done all the repairs and prep work. Then I sold the 80's nightstands and we both needed replacements. This was his and mine is a child's dresser. So cute. But I digress.

I almost forgot to take a before picture. 

Before I go on, I have to get a little frustration off my chest. For a while now I've been seeking out new link parties to keep up with what other people are doing. What other people are doing, apparently, is cooking. Link party after link party has been casseroles and cookies. Or free printables. Or knit hats. Right?

So here I am, all dressed up with my furniture, and nowhere (new) to go. This morning I googled "Thursday link parties", not knowing how that would work, and on the first page I saw a Link Party Directory. Score! I clicked through on about five, maybe six, parties and they weren't there. There was no party. There was no mention of a party. There wasn't so much as a cookie recipe.

I took my furniture and came home. sheesh! I'll go back to the search results later and look at some of the other links. But for now I just wanted to share my pain. :-)

OH! And here's another thing!!! (Yeah, yeah, I sound like a raving lunatic) Do I ever feel like I don't get out much! I did find a link party last week ....... I think ...... but instead of the lovely thumbnails of projects there were simple instructions to click the "hashtags." Sorry, what? I can't tell you how many times I scrolled up and down and refreshed. #&*#@ hashtags anyway. Then I went on to other things and forgot all about it. UNTIL Mr. Bad had ESPN on and the sports analyst said to go somewhere and do something (sorry, I wasn't paying attention) with the HASHTAG. Get out! Hashtag? Really?

So. I'll do some research (read: ask Mr. Bad. He's on Facebook All -The-Time so chances are he's run across this. whatever)

And now, back to Mr. Bad's nightstand.

 I left the top completely alone. There are some scratches and nicks but it's old. There are supposed to be scratches and nicks.

 I kept it simple. I used C.C. Caldwell Alaskan Tundra and only did one coat. Next was a white wash, randomly applied. I then applied the gel top coat I have come to love and all the places where the paint was thin showed up.

No sanding needed!

 I kept the original pulls but added Rub n Buff to them.

 Then I lightly added Rub n Buff to any raised parts of the nightstand.

Simple but pretty. And now the hunt for more nightstands continues. They are so much fun to paint!

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  1. This is lovely Daena. There is one blog that says it has a party but I have never figured out how to open it to see what people have linked. Makes you feel like a dummy. I think there is a lot of food lately due to the holidays.

  2. When I looked up the color online it said it was green. Could you share if the color is different here please, thank you! Beautiful piece of work.