Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The good Inspector 19

Morgan Tougher was a dog stuffed into a cat suit.
He was an original, unique soul and being without him
is going to be hard.

Goodbye Morgan. Tell Blu we miss him.


  1. Daena, I'm so sorry.

  2. oh, honey, I'm so sorry. He was a sweet heart.

  3. We never have enough time with them. Hugs to you ... Godspeed, Morgan.

  4. Oh Daena -- I know how much you will miss him. He was one of those incredible pets that you are fortunate to get to know. Cherish your memories of him.

  5. A dog stuffed into a cat suit. Describes my beloved cat, Ernie. If I was walking around the yard, talking with someone, he would wizz by and run up a tree, as if to say, Watch me, Mom! He jumped onto the screen door to tell us he was ready to come in. The list of Ernie stories is unending. The first time I gave him a shot of insuline, he had a seisure and died. What a way to loose a best friend! Having pets brings so much joy but oh, the sorrow when they leave. Even so, when Ernie passed, I had to get TWO brothers to replace him. Oh no, will I need four to replace these two?
    Hugs and tissues for your loss.

  6. cheriestone9@gmail.comApril 12, 2014 at 3:12 PM

    I have just discovered your blog in my pursuit of painting tips and" toots". So sorry for your loss, Those darn 4 legged creatures just pitter patter all over our hearts,don't they? I consider my 3 doggies and my sweet, Bentley, the pig, great friends. Just wanted you to know I have have loved reading your blog and admire your courage in the fight against the Big C. Love your pieces and have laughed out loud, alone, with only the dogs listening, as I read about falling apart furniture. Oh, what I haven't done to put something back together in any way possible because I bought it to sell it, doggone it and I am determined to get it done. So, yes many hours on a piece that didn't deserve it, but sell it I will. Will continue to follow you and say a prayer for your recovery!

  7. I can't believe how many blogs I have read in the last week where pets have passed on to pet heaven
    My sister even had a special doggy friend and her died
    This was just as hard for me as when family dies, really our pets are our family now that I said that
    Morgan Tougher looked like a great happy dog in a cat suit