Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I was a free (wo)man in Paris; I felt unfettered and alive!

 (anyone remember Joni Mitchell?)

I never mentioned this trip because so many things could have gone wrong. I didn't really believe it was happening until I was on the plane. No way did it seem real.

We were going to France!

And what did I want to do there? Flea markets! Among other things, of course. But while in Paris I really didn't want to miss my chance.

So we went. The flea market is huge and consists of 5 or so separate markets. We did only one but it was vast!

Here I am, ready to get started.

 The first thing I realized was the market was crazy expensive. I mean beyond reasonable. We were there before tourist season but it didn't seem to make a difference. I'm a seasoned bargain hunter so I know my prices and I found I could find much of what I saw cheaper at home.

But did that spoil the fun? NO! It just made me more determined to find that One Real Bargain!

The huntress getting started.

You never know what could be back there......

Search. Search. Search.


I found what we came to call "The Priceless Artifacts." Two oooold ornate metal frames with tin(?) backings, aged to perfection. Okay, so I paid too much for them. I didn't care. I knew I'd never find anything like them again and I had bargained my little heart out getting the best price I could. 

I made up for it by getting this old seltzer bottled for $25. 

Anyone who has followed my blog knows I love antique toy horses. I truly thought I had a chance of finding one in Paris and I did! But holy moly! They were beyond what I could ever afford. I think I was actually stunned speechless at one point.

Our trip slogan became "What the WHAT?"

Yep. Priceless artifacts indeed.

 Okay. I could see where these would be spendy.

 Cute platform horse but really?

 Okay, maybe I'm naive but I thought $1104.00, at a Flea Market, was too much for this. Am I wrong? Anyone feel I missed an opportunity?

All spent.

But not done.

In Provence I found two goodies that I brought home and tons of other stuff I left behind. Here's an iron plug that will get cleaned up a little.

This old chair back was in the street with the trash. I can't wait to fix it up and paint it!

Doors! You would not believe the doors! But they had to be left behind..... sigh.

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  1. I am so glad you had a great time. You really deserved it!

  2. thanks for showing us your paris adventure pictures
    love the old chair back and glad you found something you just had to have ( the metal frames)

  3. Wow, Paris, you lucky dog you! I love the frames you bought and your right don't think you would of found them back home. I can't believe the price of the house, over $1000 cra cra if I say so myself. So glad to reconnect with you after my very bad last year. Sorry I'm late getting to you been enjoying out door time that I couldn't do last summer. Tickled you shared your creativenens with Sunday's Best Party. So glad to hear from you.