Friday, November 2, 2012

Going coast to coast

I had a very nice lady contact me regarding the nightstand I have on etsy.

She wondered if I had a nightstand I could paint for her in wine and ivory. Turns out I did.
So I got crackin' and painted another harlequin nightstand. Not exactly the same, of course.

So, here we have the wine nightstand, soon on its way to a new home in New York, in a building flooded by the Hudson River.

We have had rain and clouds so I didn't have an opportunity to get great shots. No light, no shot. sigh. Also, no reflectors or ... well, anything.
So I present you flat interior images.

This nightstand has the cutest art deco feet. I think that's why I was attracted to it. And it's a stout little thing! Heavy solid wood with all dove-tailed drawers. A solid little piece, for sure.

I hand-painted a fleur de lis on each side. Gray was my trim color and this gave me a chance to use it a little more.

Checkerboard top! I do so love me a checkerboard top. :-)

Glass knobs – my new favorite.

And a peek at the other side.

In a couple days I'll post the corner table I've been working on.

And remember Walter? The giant, scary clock?

He has a couple coats of his main color on him now. I can't wait to see how he turns out!

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