Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And another one's done and another one's done and another one ...

I didn't think I'd be able to post about this table so soon but I was
able to deliver to its new owner yesterday.
Now I won't be ruining the surprise.

Soon after I purchased this table the seller contacted me to say his girlfriend had wanted to keep it. oops. So he had me paint it for her.

I had fun on this one. I really like doing illustration on a piece.

A couple shots from the back.

Oooooo. Soft focus. I LOVE my new camera!

Nice curve on the top
Top corner
 Bottom corner detail. Ya gotta have a distressed corner.

A little crackle here and there. I use the two-step crackle very, very sparingly. To my eye the large crackle finishes available look too artificial. The two-step method is more time consuming but I like it better so it's worth it. Again, I use it sparingly.

What I used: Benjamin Moore Aura in matte black, black craft paint, a merry mixture of CeCe Caldwell paints in neutral colors and metallic bronze craft paint. I distressed with water and a green scrubbing pad (I buy them in bulk at my local Goodwill). The topcoat over everything but the center of the main table is wipe-on satin poly. The randomly crackled center is topcoated with gloss poly for an 'inset' look.

This scale shot didn't work out so well. The table is quite large but Inspector 19 is a ginormous cat so he dwarfs it.

That was the last of the custom orders I had to get done this month, so now I can get to a dresser that has been waiting in the wings ... as soon as I remember the brilliant idea I had for it ....

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  1. This table is really impressive, now! What is a two step crackle treatment? I've only done one layer of crackle medium. ~ Maureen

    1. The 2 step method is available at craft stores - there are two bottles, you apply step one and let dry overnight, then apply step 2 and let dry. Then, if you want you apply a wash of paint to accent the cracks. I like the control. The thicker you apply, the bigger the crackle, therefore you can go thick and thin and get a variety of crackle sizes on your furniture.

  2. This is truly amazing! What a Wow piece and a great design and you just did a fantastic job.

  3. I saw this on MMS and recognised it as one of yours... it's lovely:-)

  4. I love this dramatic and beautiful table. Well done!!

  5. Very creative, love it!
    Saw this on Frugal Friday.

  6. M.C. Escher would be proud of that table!
    I'm glad you found me! I am your newest follower!