Monday, November 12, 2012

A little fall color

Wow. Wayyyy too long between posts! I finally have to concede;
I have spread myself too thin.
I'm back at work at my corporate graphic designer job.
I opened up a third booth at an industrial antique mall.
I have custom orders to be done.
And my furniture booths are a little .... sparse.
The pressure is on!

Plus there's the pesky doctor appointments.
Hours spent bonding with the chemo nurses.
(I love the chemo nurses. Talk about kind and patient!)

 Then I come home and paint.
Then fall asleep in my new chair. Mr. Bad says I was sitting here talking in my sleep last night. I didn't even know I'd fallen asleep.

I've been doing a lot of checkers and harlequins again, which I love, and doing that made me want to do even more illustration. This is a detail from what I worked on this weekend.

Leading to a sneak peak at my fall color project. The reason it's only a peak is
It's Dark Outside All the Time so I can't take decent pictures. It's overcast or raining. It's pitch dark by 6:00. Bah. The only place I can take pictures without a flash is my work room. And that's sooo pretty. Oh yes.

Here's a wee peak.
Some watercolor leaves ....

Yum! Fall colors!

Gotta have a damaged corner!

Aged to perfection.

Next week I'll have real photos to post, so until then .....
I'll be in Reno!


  1. That's a pretty heavy schedule and I'm surprised you could squeeze in a post at all! ~ Maureen

  2. Yes...too heavy a schedule and chemo, too!! I was so exhausted during chemo, I can't imagine doing all that you are doing! But that piece with the leaves...I'm drooling all over my keyboard!!!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful leaves! Can't wait to see the finished piece.


  4. What absolutely beautiful leaves. I just picked up a rubber stamp (never stamped anything before!) to try on my 1/2 formed ideas and now it's going back.

    Hang in there. When your body needs to sleep, let it. Just try to pull over first. :) JUST KIDDING! I hope you're not driving tired.

  5. I love the leaves and am impressed at how gracefully you are managing such a heavy and difficult schedule.