Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Venetian Hotel and Annie Sloan

I was at the Venetian in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and noticed something I hadn't before. Annie Sloan colors! I know Annie Sloan develops her colors to match historical paints but it really hit me when I took note of the colors in the very accurately recreated Venetian Hotel.

I've been in the Venetian many times before but this was the first time since my 'paint awareness' had been raised.

Take a look. Here is the fabulous lobby area.

(source: Flick'r)

 And the fabulous lobby ceiling.

Below is a painting done by John Singer Sargent - 1800s (maybe) called Venetian Interior Pavement. Some think it is a forgery but still! Check out the colors! I saw that it's possible to order the print - they sell prints of possible forgeries? Whatever. I digress.
Sargent or not, I really like the painting. I might get a print. :-)

Chalk Paint colors were everywhere! I decided to match the Venetian to actual Annie Sloan paint.



I was inspired to go home and try combinations I hadn't thought of before. Gray and gold? I'm sure there's a sports team somewhere with these colors but for decorating? I'll give it a go.


(Room Entry)


The walls were wonderfully textured.

We were surrounded by all this beauty and charm 
and yet ......

and yet........

THIS light fixture was in the King Suites.

How did that happen? The picture doesn't show how awful the fixture is. Really. I was speechless.

Regardless, the Venetian is awesome and next time I'm in Vegas I'll check out the Paris. I wonder what the color scheme is there?

White on white, perhaps?

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Special thanks to  ciruelo interiors  for doing serious leg work and making this post a little easier.


  1. Dear Daena,

    What a fabulous post!!! I am an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ retailer in Virginia. I loved this post..you really did your research. Very fun read. I hope you don't mind, I would love to share on our private Annie Sloan Facebook page. I am sure Annie will get a kick out of this.

    Thanks again for a well written and enjoyable post.

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  2. Hi I am a stockist for Annie Sloan in Tampa.. my Sloaner sister Miss Janet sent this our way fabulous! I love to see how inspired America has been with Annie Sloan.. yes we dream in her colors! Hope you don't mind if I share with my Facebook and blog friends as well!

  3. Yes a great post - also an Annie Sloan Stockist- glad I am not the only one who "sees" the colors everywhere....thanks for your "in-sight"....but the ??? remains, DID YOU WIN??

  4. I hope you know how many people you touch and how inspiring you are. You have such great style and a wonderful eye for color.

  5. Your interpretation of Annie Sloan paints at The Venetian was spot on. Will try some inspiring combos.Thank you.

  6. Wow !great post...i appreciate your ideas.

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