Monday, October 19, 2015

Our herione runs .... and .... and .... she FALLS?

Yup, she falls. We've seen it in movies hundreds of times, SHE FALLS? Really?  

Oh, my ride is here!

I was walking across the living room to grab the vacuum and my super-grip shoes super-griped and down I went. I won't be painting furniture any time soon. 

Out past my temporary work room we go. Good-bye furniture!

Listen to your mother: always wear clean underwear and big sunglasses.

Notice the bare leg. Another favorite pair of pants were cut off me.

Meanwhile, down at the pasture, the helicopter pilot didn't like the slope and headed off to the flat field down the mountain.

Mr. Bad stepped into the ambulance for a moment to comfort me. (Can you tell how unnatural my right leg looks?) When I saw this picture I was amazed at how well stocked the ambulance was. I guess I was too shocky to notice during my ambulance ride back in February.

So, back at the hospital with another broken femur. Good thing I only have two.


  1. Super grippy shoes equals broken shoulder for me. Hope they were able to put you back together again. Scary!

  2. So good to hear from bad to hear the news. We will miss your posts but hope for a complete recovery. By the way, you have beautiful facial skin. (Oh, that sounds crazy and I swear I'm not a stalker but thought it might (might?) make you feel a little better.)

  3. OMG!!! Last time my sis & I saw you at the digger yard sale in GP, I was so happy that you were doing so well. You climbed stairs & over piles of junk so impressively after recovering from the first break. Kris & I both send many good thoughts & get well wishes your way. Keep up the good spirits & never forget those sunglasses! Fabulous!

  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry this happened to you! I hope you are well fast, I'd throw those super grippys in the trash...

  5. very glad the weather was chopper friendly and you had an uneventful ride. we're thinking femur-healing thoughts. i can't blame my falls on shoes, nor the times i trip going upstairs (?). best wishes.

  6. OMGosh, you poor dear! Too much. Take care...heal fast.

  7. Many hugs heading your way. I'm looking forward to seeing you next month. Until then, no more grippy shoes.

  8. May you heal quickly & be back to your old self soon to enjoy the holidays! I never miss your posts.

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