Saturday, January 10, 2015

Seven impossible things before breakfast

In my last post I said I needed to quit trying to do 8 things when there was only time for 2. Oh irony of ironies. Writing that post was number 3 of the "Seven impossible things I did before breakfast."

I am attempting to slow down, I really am. Lately I have congratulated myself on small victories, even as small as having my signature actually LOOK like my signature. But on that morning ....... I was on a tear

I worked on my on-line class project. I'm so far behind .... well, so far behind you can't get more behind. I might re-register and start over.

I photographed 6 pairs of boots from every angle for craigslist and ebay. I can't wear heels anymore so check Medford's craigslist if you're a size 9.

As I said, I wrote a blog post and got it uploaded. I battled kitties the entire time. Why do they love keyboards?

I ran string lights around my hutch and church windows. So pretty. We really like using string lights for soft lighting in the evenings.
I made bread pudding muffins. I had never made bread pudding before, much less muffins. In fact I don't bake so why I suddenly had to do this, I'm not sure. Just to see what happened, I guess. They turned out yummy but collapsed like a souffle. Did I do something wrong?

I drove into town early to fluff my poor despairing booth. It's sad and unstyled and needs attention badly.
From there I shopped for jeggings as fast as I could. I was Speed-Shopper. Time was running out. I had 15 minutes to get to treatment.

When I finally staggered into Hematology and slammed against the coffee counter I felt like I'd run all the way there. In a sense, maybe I had. I was practically wiping the sweat from my brow when I checked in.

But no more of that. I AM SLOWING DOWN.

Anyway, I didn't get all that done before breakfast, 
but it was before lunch.


Have you noticed that when you make a decision and commit to something, the Universe says, "Oh, here. I can help with that."

Take a look at me now.

 The Universe is such a help.

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  1. ...and I just took down my Christmas twinkle lights from the fireplace mantle downstairs. In the evening, I missed them. Now I'm thinking I should put some back up.

    1. You'll be glad you put them back up. It's such a nice light.

  2. Oh Daena what happened to the ankle/foot? And cats and keyboards --- one of life's mysteries.

  3. Yeah, you really need to slow down. I'm tired just reading about all you did! Interesting kind of 'flat' you have decided to replace your heels with.

  4. Oh, my, you must indeed slow down! Is that why your foot has new gear?