Monday, May 26, 2014

and now, the continuing saga

I was going to put on my Sorting Hat and go outside to stare blankly at furniture but then I thought I'd share more joy of cancer treatment instead. Right? You can't have too much cancer treatment. Apparently.

My dark humor is showing.

But first, I went to a huge Estate Sale on Saturday. I was lugging a table around when I ran into a friend who looked pointedly at the table and said "I read your blog this morning." We both burst out laughing until tears came because the post she was referring to was the one were I did Extreme Decluttering and pulled all my extra furniture outside. Busted. Did I get the table? No.

But I bought some really old folding chairs. heh heh heh

Now my little story about going for treatment:

Wonky foot and all, I'm going outside to stare at furniture now. Enjoy your holiday!


  1. You are my junkin' hero - broken foot, booted from the cancer trial, and leaving a urine trail across the state, and you still have the energy to go to the Goodwill Superstore.

  2. Oh, so I'm sitting here, groggy, thinking how I don't want to go to work and I have to contend with you summoning the energy to go thrift shopping after chemo. Overachiever!
    I find it hilarious that you were busted after your post about clearing out your house. The story would have been even better if you also had a DOOR that you were dragging around.
    The urine story is priceless. How can the situation get any worse? Oh, let's have a urine leak in a public place...nah, that would be too embarssing...nah, she can handle it!
    You have got to stop kicking cancer in the ass, you've broken your foot.
    Daena, you are one tough, bad ass rabbit.

  3. I deal with a lot of doctors too. I don't have cancer but I have a lot of brain problems. It's definitely a love-hate relationship, mostly hate! Your a tough girl and your going to kick cancer's ass and have a drink to shopping therapy!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina