Friday, November 29, 2013

The annual trip to Reno

We were in Reno last weekend, it was our usual November trip with the in-laws. There is an Antique Arms show there that Mr. Really Bad (father-in-law) shows at. He is an edged weapons expert. I talked about that in this post.

Anyway, I get bored just thinking about slot machines so Mr. Bad and I took off to Silver City one day, doing some exploring. Silver City is pretty much a ghost town but we found a little antique/steampunk store and spent some time chatting with the natives. I found a couple frames, so I was happy. Plus I went around taking pictures of the dilapidated buildings.

We also went up to Truckee and on the way I checked garage sales on Craigslist from my phone. I couldn't help myself! Honest! And Mr. Bad was cool with it, so we went to an Estate Sale. Wow, is all I can say. Retail prices all the way through. Truckee is a wealthy community so maybe that's why the prices were so high, but it was surprising. I did come away with a cabinet with nice details, so I'm not complaining too loud.

Here I am bundled up in Truckee at the coolest gas station ever.

Between Reno, Silver City and Truckee I came home with some fun things.

More typewriters? A disaster of an old frame, a picture, little table, AWESOME suitcase and the Truckee cabinet.

 I love this frame but it falls apart a little more every time I look at it.

 This will be fun to paint.

 Really fun to paint!

 Can you believe those casters?

Last but not least, this incredible suitcase that my father-in-law gave me!

The following guide is for when/if you are put in a room on the Oncology floor.
If you are put in a dedicated infusion room, well, you lucky dog!


  1. I started following you because the idea of a bad rabbit appeals to me. Rabbits need to get bad, all the animals that prey upon them. I admire your creativiy and your strength. Life can really hit you and how you handle it, shows so much. Sending LOTS and LOTS of strong, healthy vibes your way.

  2. SuzieQ, you have inspired me to put my 'bad' on! If I think I'm tired, I'm going to BE tired, right? Uh uh, I am a BAAAAD Rabbit!

  3. A gun show would be a total yawn for me also. I would have done exactly what you did. Love your treasures!