Friday, September 21, 2012

Well, okay then.

I haven't put a new post up lately.

It's been a crazy time here at The Ranch at Wit's End. Mr. Bad ended up in the hospital a couple times - a completely unscheduled interruption to an already busy life. He's completely okay but had to cancel a mountain-climbing trip he had been looking forward to for months.

I went back to my corporate design job but only part-time. But let me tell you! Part-time is a lot when your blood doesn't have any oxygen in it, making you feel kinda puny. I can't just take a nap at my desk.

So, what to do? Toughen up, dammit! And pace myself better. Because I have some fun new things to paint and I want to be out there doing it, not flopped sideways on the sofa, drooling on a pillow! 


I have 5 vintage dressers waiting in the wings.
Just one of the little lovelies waiting for me....
Am I painting them?
Yup.     maybe.       sorta ....... trying to .....
I have a Really Great Idea for one of them! It's a start! 

Here's what I have waiting for me:

Aren't these petite dressers the cutest? My cat (also known as Inspector 19) offered to pose to show scale. I'm rubbing my hands together with glee, people! With GLEE, just thinking about the colors I'll use!
They have the greatest pulls and thankfully all the pulls are there. That so rarely happens! In my world there's usually one missing.
The sweetest little pulls!

And then we have my $1 dresser. I love $1 dressers. There is always such a dramatic 'before and after' to show when they're done.
Too bad the pulls are a disaster! But on the other hand, all the key escutcheons are there, which never happens. Ever.

And another dresser. This one is making me crazy. I KNOW all the pulls were there when I first saw it. I know they were! But somehow in the loading process a bottom pull came off never to be found again.

Lastly, I was given this awesome mission dresser on trade and I LOVE it. It might end up living here for a while before I give it up. It's gorgeous!
Check out the ring pull. Singular. Ring. Pull.
 All the ring pulls, save one, are missing their rings. I hate the thought of having to replace all these pulls but thus far I haven't found brass rings anywhere. I'll keep hunting. If you know where I might find six brass rings, please drop me a line.

So that's what's waiting in the wings. I can hardly wait to get to them. Maybe by next week!

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  1. Where to begin! Sorry you have had problems. Love the pair of dressers. No, maybe I love the mission oak one best. Or maybe it's that you have such a helpful cat! Take you time and eventually wow us with all you have created. ~ Maureen

  2. They all have so much potential. The first two petite ones are my favorite. Can't wait to see what you do with them all. Dee from My Painted Stuff

  3. 5 dressers - wow, you are going to be busy! Can't wait to see how they turn out!!

  4. O boy do I need dressers....that is what sells for me..OK that said hope you are feeling better with a little more Umph....feeling like a balloon with a leak is no fun...I bet these dressers will each bee a star...I am crazy on the last one too...Rings?have you looked at VanDykes